Women In Morocco


  Several efforts have been made by the Moroccan society to preserve the rights of women at all levels.Today 33% of Moroccan women are active , 22% are supporting their families and an increasingly high number have access to top positions.
  The new family code (Mudawana) in harmony with the teachings of Islam, brought fundamental changes , especially at the judicial level. It guarantees the rights of women , men and children.
  It is considered an important legal asset in human rights. Welcomed in Morocco and worldwide.
 The new code aims to free women from the injustice they endure , in addition  to protecting childrens rights and safeguarding men’s dignity.            Women now have the right to ask for divorce, the legal age of marriage for girls is raised from 15 to 18. Polygamy is not outlawed, it is made practically impossible, and child custody in the case of separation is given as a priority to the mother.  

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