Things to Do In Marrakech

Step into the enlightening city of Marrakech. This historic landmark in western Morocco is well known for its great sense of culture and atmosphere; however, it isn’t known for the ambiance alone, this bustling area is filled with many things for visitors do – even immediately upon arrival. So, there is no wastage of time, let us embark on an excursion around Marrakech.
Marvel at the architecture
Marrakech is a canvas, showcasing the work of many artists and architects, and the masterpiece is ours to inspect! Many of these structures were built in medieval times – such as the Koutoubia Mosque. The 815 year old structure is still in pristine condition and is still a place of worship for the modern Muslims. The distinctive design is a combination of decorated arched corridors and artistic windows as well as the renowned minaret which (while being only 77 meters high) towers visibly over the surroundings due to the landscape of the area.
Other places, like The Ben Youssef Medresa (featuring spectacular Zelije tiling and cedar carvings) and The Badii Palace (ruins of a luxurious sultan’s dwelling) are also definitely worth a visit.
The whole idea behind this excursion is to go out and see what sort of enjoyment Marrakech has to offer! A good place to start is the busy area of Medina; a place filled maze-like streets, a large amount Moroccan markets (souks) and an even larger amount of people. The fantastic thing about the souks in Marrakech is that they are exactly like the old fashioned open markets. Each separate market selling a specific product in a specific area and they all amalgamate together in harmony to form one long corridor – like market. To get the full experience, start at Souk Semarine. Shopping is probably one of the enjoyable ways to spend your time in Marrakech. Everyone likes to explore something new and try out the unique goods of different places and the souks of Marrakech have a brilliant selection of carpets, bags, kaftans, perfumes, clothes spices and much more!
Contrary to the usual hubbub of the crowded city, Marrakesh is populated with many gardens so why not let the excursion take us there? Occasionally we need to take time out to fully absorb the beauty of the environment. One popular landmark is the work of French artist Jacques Majorlle. Here at Jardin Majorelle, plants have been merged with artistry. The beautiful arrangement and the multitude of vibrant and complementary colours make this a must-see. The main building has such a unique colour that it has even been named Majorelle Blue after the talented artisit!
You can also chill at one of the hammas (steam room) and spas such as Les Bains De Marrakech and Hammam El-Bacha. Le Bled is also a place of peace – with a farmhouse theme. You will enjoy the quiet stroll around the gardens (that is if you are not too enticed by the swimming pool.)
In fact, there are many places to go in Marrakech if you would just like a bit of downtime.
So what are you waiting for…?
These are only a few things which Marrakech offer, but you haven’t experienced the tantalising cuisine or the pleasant accommodation so don’t take this from us; you need to see for yourself.

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