Fall in Love With Casablanca Marrakech


If I asked you to picture Casablanca Marrakech, what would come to your mind? Pictures of vibrant people with colorful spice stores, sellers that are thrusting clothing and carvings before your eyes as you try to maneuver your way through the crowds? Enjoying a steamy Hammam “Turkish bath” perhaps?
You can experience all this in this amazing, lively Kingdom – but Casablanca is one city that will warmly welcome you to the real Moroccan lifestyle.
Casablanca Marrakech is the largest city in Morocco city and houses about seven million people. With the tourism industry of the country largely focused on Fez and Marrakech, you will instantly feel her natural vibrant state. This city embraces tourism, but still keeps its traditions and locality.
Start your stay by taking a visit to the extravagant Hassan II Mosque. That is built partly on the Atlantic, the Mosque is 210metre high, which makes it the world’s tallest religious monument. As a matter of fact, you can view it about 30kms away – and the sight is really magnificent to behold.
When you are ready to take a break, go over to Café Maure, which is located inside the Medina wall, and enjoy a traditional mint tea. Set in a floral garden, this café grows its mint and offers you six different flavors for your enjoyment. Look on in amazement as your host offers you a small glass full from a jug, poured from a distance. And if you want to eat, you can watch the chefs cook up some seafood or salad right in front of you too.
A stone throw away; you’ll find the central square with wide avenues filled with amazing Art Deco buildings. At this point, you will be taking pictures on your camera. And if you walk down a bit you will find yourself at the local Habous district souks (market place) – this is an experience you don’t want to miss at Casablanca Marrakech.
During lunch time, you can check out the amazing La Mer restaurant, where you can see the Casa coastline from this restaurant. Ensure that you get a window seat, and you will be able to watch the children play in the water while their families relax on rocks. One of the dishes that is popular is the sea food (French-style) – and I also suggest the fish dishes, which is prepared locally. They are tasty and fresh, although it not a traditional Moroccan dish.
The truth is that Casablanca is still relatively new to the tourist scene, making it more lovable and the people there are very friendly to encourage you to take part, get familiar with them and experience their way of living – but not to the extent that you start feeling intimated.

This place is full of tradition, beauty, and elegance – uncommon but an impressive combination. Casablanca Marrakech is a place you will fall in love with.

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