High Atlas Mountains !

Extending from the West Atlantic Ocean into the heart of North Africa is the magnificent mountain range, The High Atlas Mountains. This iconic mountain range spans 450 miles across Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. This range is the home of the Jbel Toubkal Mountain, which is 4,167 metres high. Marrakesh itself is at the base of the range and so taking an excursion to the High Atlas Mountains as part of your visit to Marrakech is a fantastic idea!
A tour through the High Atlas Mountains is a great opportunity to see a much more serene and natural side to Morocco. The amount of civilisation decreases as you venture deeper along the path of the mountains. However, there are still people, and it is really interesting to see how the way of life can change after travelling just 60km away from Marrakech. The residents of the High Atlas Mountains dwell in small mountain villages, each with lodges and hotels for visitors to occupy.
One such village is a tourist favourite, the village of Imlil. At Imlil, the view of the High Atlas Mountains is spectacular – enticing you to come and take a climb yourself. The location is ideal for those willing to scale the Jbel Toubkal Mountain and in the village there are many people offering their services. These include food venders at the markets as well as certified hikers and guides who will ensure a mountainous experience that you will never forget as you traverse the rocky paths at your desired pace.
The High Atlas Mountains offers a range of activities. On the mountains passes you will find mountain bikers, horse riders and 4 by 4 tours but the main mode of taking a mountain tour is hiking. As you take a tour of the High Atlas Mountains, you will have an excellent opportunity to get in touch with nature. Many people go on the hike for bird watching alone, trying to catch sight of Morocco’s 480 species of birds. The peace and tranquillity gives you time to relax and truly explore. Imlil is not likely to be the only village you encounter during this trip; the tours pass through a few different villages so that you can actually see more than one and then you will have a true feel of the Berber culture.
These might not be the highest peaks in the world, yet they are very high peaks nonetheless. These peaks are covered with a blanket of snow in the colder months (especially Jbel Toubkal) so for those who want to travel to the highest points it might be worthwhile planning the excursion during the spring and summer (when the snow has melted).
So during a holiday at Marrakesh, it would be a real loss if one forgot to plan a day trip to the High Atlas Mountains. Many tourists have agreed that the city’s hustle and bustle can get to your head and that a quiet tour of the mountains is all that is required to clear your head.

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